Cederroth <br>Breathing Mask

Breathing Mask

The Cederroth Breathing Mask is an aid in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. It limits contact between the first-aider and the casualty. The Breathing Mask consists of a plastic cloth with a one-way-valve. Clear instructions are printed on the cloth.

Clear instructions on the plastic cloth show how to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and how to place the mask over the casualty’s face. The one-way-valve shows which side of the mask should face upwards (green), towards the first-aider,
and which side should face downwards (red), in the casualty's mouth.


The size of the plastic cloth reduces the risk of the first-aider coming into contact with the casualty's blood or vomit.

The mouthpiece design forces the first-aider to open his/her mouth wide and press his/her lips around the casualty's to obtain a tight seal. The one-way-valve has large vents that reduce resistance and help the first-aider maintain artificial respiration for longer.

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