Heating Cabinet for Cederroth Eye Wash

The heating cabinet is intended forstoring two bottles of Cederroth Eye Wash (REF 725200A) in cold environments.The cabinet keeps the temperature of the Eye Wash solution at 68 degrees Fahrenheit (+20 degrees Celsius below zero) at surrounding temperatures down to 4 degrees Fahrenheit below zero (+20 degrees Celsius below zero).

The cabinet is made of insulated, durable and chemically resistant EPP and has a thermostat heating element made of aluminium.

It functions automatically with 12V and 24V without further accessories (at 230V a transformer is needed). Electrical cord 2 m with plug for 12V/24V cigarette lighter outlets and 12 mm outlets. Voltage guard. EMC-approved and CE-labelled.

Accessories: Transformer REF 790500

Dimensions: H 28 x W 32 x D 13 cm


Cederroth Eye Wash. First Aid for your eyes.

ÖgondushIt is vital to start flushing within the first few seconds. It is also important to flush effectively, with a generous flow of fluid. The fluid should also be buffered, i.e. have a neutralizing effect on splashes of alkalis (e.g. lye) and acids (e.g. battery acid).

That is why Cederroth Eye Wash is designed so that it opens as soon as it is twisted out of the bracket, has an eye cup that guarantees optimal flow and contains a flushing fluid with the right composition. Cederroth Eye Wash generally has a stronger neutralizing effect on splashes of alkalis than of acids.

Also, Cederroth Eye Wash is available in different designs, with different accessories, which means it can be positioned so it is always easily accessible and ready to use.

Product advantages

• Functional design
• Effective flushing
• Quick and easy to open
• Flexible positioning
• Thorough flushing
• Eye cup protected from dust
• Buffered fluid

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